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Mo, Tu, Th, Fr:   10am - 04pm CET
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tl_files/dhb/img/logo_fuss_150.pngWelcome to the homepage of Dr. Boack, (Head of Foot and Ankle Center Berlin).  On this website you will find a competent partner for all medical problems surrounding the Foot and Ankle.

The main focus of the consultant hours are the diagnosis, advising and treating of the patients with sport or accident related injuries e.g. fractures or acquired deformities of the entire Foot and Ankle region.  We offer a full spectrum of reconstructive trauma and orthopedic surgeries especially the personally developed minimal-invasive surgical technique, including the correction of soft-tissue defects.

The main clinical work focuses on the treatment of patients with severe ankle-arthrosis and ankle arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, which could be either treated with joint maintaining minimal-invasive surgery or with an anatomical ankle-replacement.

There is a possibility to perform the ankle prosthesis with a minimal invasive procedure. Previously operated patients could also be treated with a special revision system e.g. Patients with Dysplasia could be treated with a custom made prosthesis. 

Other focus areas are the treatment of cartilage injures and joint diseases in the upper ankle, subtalar joint and smaller foot joints.  These problems could be treated with minimal-invasive (arthroscopic) procedures.  The personally developed Endoscopic procedure could be performed on post-traumatic deformities.